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Railway Police Bureau, National Police Agency



Update Date:2022-12-05

Units:Railway Police Bureau

The Railway Police Bureau has been established for 60 years since its early beginning and has been striving to ensure "safety" and "service" within railway jurisdiction. We exist to foster a safe travel environment for the passengers and preserve the security of railway property. We will continue to build up our visions through better performance of our duties and values.


Increase the police visibility:
We request our police to increase their exposure to station and train while patrolling the stations and trains which may respond to reports and offer service proactively.


Build the professional, efficient and public trust
We facilitate related trainings for our police to improve their skills and be knowledge of the standard process procedures about all the police operations to gain the public trust and respect.


Compassionate, friendly, enthusiastic services and policing
We ask our staff to be in passengers' shoes. When people have problems, we should offer the best service and do our best to help them.


Grooming, Integrity, and justice image
We will the organization in which all the police officers groom themselves, embrace integrity and enforce laws fairly as a cornerstone upon which the good image was built.


Lifelong Learning and keep abreast with the social changes
Our police officers are encouraged to cultivate the lifelong learning habit and keep up the pace of changes. Making every effort in becoming a 21 century modern police to solve the public problems efficiently and meet their expectations.


Enforce the law fairly and preserve human rights
Police is the symbol of justice. Every movement we take should be compliant with laws and human rights.


Developing Teamwork and camaraderie spirits to better our relationship and performances
Our police officers with teamwork and camaraderie spirits work together and collaborate with each other to achieve our goals and the sense of accomplishments.