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Railway Police Bureau, National Police Agency


Organizational Chart

Update Date:2022-12-05

Units:Information Management Office

Figure description:
  • The Railway Police Bureau is subordinate to the National Policy Agency, Ministry of the Interior, and is mainly responsible for maintaining the order and public security of railway transportation in the Republic of China.
  • The Bureau has established one Commissioner, one Deputy Commissioner, and one Chief Secretary. The internal services are provided by the Administrative Section, Public Order Section, Internal Affairs and Training Section, Logistics Section, Public Security Section, Personnel Office, Accounting and Statistics Office, Secretariat Office, and Command and Control Center. External services are implemented by the Taipei Precinct, Taichung Precinct, Kaohsiung Precinct, Hualien Precinct, Criminal Investigation Brigade, and On-the-Train Secuity Brigade. (Effective January 1, 2014)