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Railway Police Bureau, National Police Agency


Service White Paper

Update Date:2022-12-05

Units:Railway Police Bureau

Being a chief, I always emphasize how important of service and efficiency is, and realize that "safety" and "service" are the responsibility of railway police.

For "safety", it is our responsibility and promise to provide people an environment with ease, confidence, and relieve.

For "service", we think that as a police, we need to have business marketing spirit. We also need to know the politics and economic situation around the world anytime. To renew the system and working process is also our duty. We care people's needs and help them actively, and also try to provide the best services. Thus, we believe the police can have a good relationship with people.

As the development of democracy, the role of police has changed. It used to be in the image of authority, but now it has become to a public servant and aim to service people.

Standing in the first line, we need to contact people very frequently. Therefore, the achievement of police is an important point that people use to judge the government achievement. To rise police's work efficiency and service quality not only can help police administration work well, but also win people's support and trust. In addition, it can unite people and improve our society.
Therefore, it is our target to build a professional traffic police with services spirit. We hope people supervise us by this white paper, so that we can improve the quality of service.

The following items are what we can do for you.
  1. Service center: 24 hours free line 0800-880850
  2. Report triplicate form and single report window.
  3. Keep women safe.
  4. Form Woman Volunteer Team.
  5. Website
  6. Execute "Recognize habitual thief and offender" project.
  7. Continue the project to maintain eastern people right of purchasing tickets.
  8. Join local police in dealing with gathering and demonstration.
  9. Others:
    1. Emergency.
    2. First aid of injured person and suicide.
    3. Lost and found.
    4. Protect drunk and unconscious passengers.
    5. Answer passengers' questions (including law, point the entrance and exit, and transfer, etc.)
    6. Protect lost child and mental disorder people.
    7. Help elders, pregnant women, disabled people to get on and off.
    8. Take care of money (including station tickets bill) and passengers' luggage.
    9. Help to find missing children, teenagers and dropout students.
    10. Coordinate charities and social service organizations to help vagrants.
    11. Help to call taxis for women in night.
    12. Help elders, pregnant women, disabled people to buy tickets.