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Railway Police Bureau, National Police Agency


Meet the Chief

Update Date:2022-12-05

Units:Railway Police Bureau

In order to improve our services, we want to communicate with people face to face. It can help us to fix our problems and to promote our working efficiency. Therefore,. we developed "Meet the Chief" program and welcome you to join us.

How to apply
Please read the following instructions to apply for "Meet the Chief".

Time Schedule
The meeting is held once a month and lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour for each time. Time frame is subject to changes.

VIP room on the 3rd floor of our building or others.

Ways of Application
※ Please fill out the application form seven days prior to the meeting date, and send it by post, fax, e-mail, or sign up by calling Secretariat at 02-23313220 or faxing at : 02-23116803

※ Please make your case or request as detailed as possible. And let us know your real name, ID number and contact information such as address, phone number and. email address.

※ When the time and place have been arranged, we will contact applicants by phone or mail three days prior to the meeting date. Please be on time.   If the chief can not attend the meeting because of emergencies, we will arrange other representative or reschedule the meeting time.

※ Meeting with a maximum of 10 people who petition for the same case
Every single case only can be handled once.

※People who drink before meeting, please notify us of your condition and we will change the schedule.

※ If we find any dangerous and illegal items; or infectious diseases on the applicants , we have the right to cancel the meeting and take the necessary movements.
We look forward to your attendance.