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Railway Police Bureau, National Police Agency


Open Government Declaration

Update Date:2022-12-05

Units:Railway Police Bureau


Authorization method and scope:
To ensure the website information provided by the National Police Agency, Railway Police Bureau, is widely available to different fields of the public; the copyright protection materials shall be provided to the public in a free, non-exclusive, and sub-licensed manner. Users may reproduce, modify, edit, publicly transmit, or use the information in another manner to develop various products or services (referred to as “value-added derivatives”) regardless of time and location. This authorization shall not be withdrawn in the future, and users do not need to obtain an authorization in writing or other formats. However, the source must be indicated during use.


Description of related matters:
  1. The scope of this authorization is only extended to the scope of copyright protection, and not to other intellectual property rights including, but not limited to, the provision of patents, trademarks, and agency logos.
  2. In terms of whether the personal information disclosed by the parties or disclosed in accordance with the law may be collected, processed, and used; users shall comply with the Personal Data Protection Act related provisions to plan and implement the corresponding measures as required by the law.
  3. Portions of videos, images, music scores, specially-authorized articles, or other works that may be used after receiving approval as provided by the agency.


Care should be taken not to infringe on third party personality rights (including the right to express names or prohibit improper changes).


Users shall not make malicious changes when using the information and materials provided under this authorization. If the information and materials displayed after use are inconsistent with the original contents, the user shall bear the civil and criminal legal liabilities.


The authorization for this Website does not grant users the right to suggest, approve, or recognize its value-added derivatives on behalf of the agency.